Let There Be Unicorns

Collage. 14 x 18
American Redstarts


Sold to Private Collection

Goldfish Gala

Three fish in a pond


Japanese Whooper Swans

Japanese Cranes
Picnic on the Farm
Collage. 18 x 14.
Dog Violets

9 x 12
Blackberry Day

10 x 10
Winter's Day
10 x 10
Paris in Winter

Paris in Winter (2)

Collage 9 x 12
The Vacancy
Collage 14 x 18
Chrysanthemums and Dragonfly
 l4 x 18. Collage
Snowy Owl

10 x 10. Collage

Sold to Private Collection

The Book Lover

l4" x 18" Collage

The Letter
Collage, 14 x 18

Sold to Private Collection

The Butterfly Girl
Collage, 14 x 18
  • About Me

    As an artist in oils and mixed media, I draw my inspiration from books I have read, from music and legends, and from my experiences living and traveling in many different countries such as Europe, Scandinavia, the Far East and here in America. Most of my work is from my imagination and also sometimes from memories of people and landscapes which touched me in some way. I try to experiment with different media to reflect the excitement of movement and color in my pieces. Ideas often come to me in the middle of the night, or while sitting quietly in my studio, or reading. The pieces that seem to interest the viewer are almost always the ones I feel most passionate about myself. Making art is a wonderful way of sharing.